Styles of Dance


The basis for all dance types contributes directly to the development of grace, poise, balance and discipline. ALL CDC STUDENTS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO ENROLL IN A BALLET CLASS AND COMPANY MEMBERS ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE BALLET.


Offered for strong, advanced ballet dancers. Hard-tip, satin ballet shoes are worn as the fundamentals of ballet are enhanced through this intensive study of technique. Students must have two previous years of ballet.


Dance form where rhythmic sounds are created by the feet to teach students rhythm, timing and balance.


Freestyle dance coming in ballet, tap and acrobatic movements. Jazz classes begin at age 6 and are divided based on ability and age.

Lyrical and Contemporary

Freestyle movements combining ballet and jazz, using gestures within the body to create movement.

Hip Hop

Street dance form using free movements. Improves students’ strength and endurance.

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